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The teaching staff consists of full-time and part-time lecturers and

tutors. All the teaching staff have Rabbinical Ordination, a

considerable period of post-qualification study, a high standard of

knowledge of their subjects and broad experience in the field of



The Yeshiva is under the leadership of the Dean, Rabbi Gedalya Lieberman, a renowned Torah scholar and local Rabbi of Chabad Golders Green community.

Rabbi Lieberman has recently taken over this role from Rabbi Y. M. Hertz, a world-renowned Talmudic scholar and Rabbi, and a scion of the Lubavitch Yeshiva network, and the founder of Kingsley Way Yeshiva.

Rabbi Hertz also served as the Mara Deasra

for Ana'sh in North-west London, as well as a Rov moreh horah for

the התאחדות קהילות החרדים, (Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)


Rabbi Mendel Gordon, who has been a driving force in the Yeshiva since its inception serves as the Mashpia Roshi, concerning himself with the welfare of the students. Rabbi Gordon can be reached at: +447795474523

Rabbi Gedalia Hertz serves as acting Principal and is responsible 

for applications and management.

Rabbi Yosef Zilbershtein serves as a Maggid shuir for Chassidus

serves as  מגיד שעור 

Rabbi Yosef Schtroks serves as מגיד שעור

Rabbi L Heller serves as מגיד שעור 


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