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The teaching staff consists of full-time and part-time lecturers and

tutors. All the teaching staff have Rabbinical Ordination, a

considerable period of post-qualification study, a high standard of

knowledge of their subjects and broad experience in the field of



They are under the leadership of the Dean , הראש ישיבה Rabbi Y. M. Hertz שליט''א

a renowned Talmudic scholar and Rabbi, himself a scion of the

Lubavitch Yeshiva network. Rabbi Hertz also serves as the Mara Deasra

for Ana'sh in North-west London, as well as a Rov moreh horah for

the התאחדות קהילות החרדים, (Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations)


Rabbi Mendel Gordon, who has been a driving force in the Yeshiva since

its inception serves as the Mashpia Roshi, concerning himself with the

welfare of the students. Rabbi Gordon can be reached at his home



Rabbi Mendel Jacobs serves as acting Principal and is responsible 

for applications and management.

Rabbi Yosef Zilbershtein serves as a Maggid shuir for Chassidus

Rabbi Gedaliah Liberman serves as  מגיד שעור 

Rabbi Yosef Schtroks serves as מגיד שעור

Rabbi L Heller serves as מגיד שעור 


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