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Yeshiva Gedaola Lubavith - London was founded in October 1982 an autonomous division of the Lubavitch Foundation and part of the international Lubavitch Yeshivos network. In the forty years since its inauguration, the Yeshiva has achieved a reputation for both academic excellence and refinement of character that attracts applications from students both at home and abroad.


The campus is set in beautiful surroundings in the prestigious Hampstead Garden Suburb of London, catering for students between the ages 16 and 23 (Yeshiva Gedola students, and Shluchim/Eltere bochurim).


The Yeshiva is under the leadership of the Rabbi G Lieberman – Rosh Yeshiva, a renowned Torah scholar and local Rabbi of Chabad Golders Green community. Rabbi Lieberman has recently taken over this role from Rabbi Y. M. Hertz, a world-renowned Talmudic scholar and Rabbi, and a scion of the Lubavitch Yeshiva network, and the founder of Kingsley Way Yeshiva.


Rabbi Gordon – Menahel Ruchni, has been with the Yeshiva since its founding, and has worked tirelessly under Rabbi Hertz’s guidance to advance and enhance the principles of the Yeshiva.

Rabbi G Hertz – Principal, and our dedicated Ramim and Mashpi’im.


In this site you can find all necessary information concerning Yeshiva, downloading documents, tuition fees and sponsorship opportunities to help support our Yeshiva.

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