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Applications are welcomed from students interested in pursuing

Jewish learning and chabad practice.  Each applicant is considered on the basis of his general character, reputation at his previous school or college as well as his academic ability.

To apply, please fill in the two forms below.

The evaluation for must be completed by your current Hanhola and then emailed DIRECTLY to us at

Should the applicant be accepted to the yeshiva, the acceptance process is as follows:

  • Parents will receive confirmation of the intention of the Yeshiva to accept the applicant.

  • Parents will receive an email from the Yeshivas Financial department with details regarding tuition payments.

  • Once tuition has been arranged, a further email will be sent to parents confirming the applicant's acceptance to the Yeshiva.

  • Please Note: Until the final acceptance email has been received (after arranging tuition payment) your son is not accepted and will not appear on the student register for the upcoming year.

  • As soon as your son has been accepted, we will contact you with Visa Application Details. 

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